Archpalatine -

One of the freshest new artistic voices standing out amongst the backdrop of the City of Brotherly Love’s artists. Archpalatine is one of one. Their music bends genre to create a new, eloquently labeled, a "Histrionic Pop" sound. 

Derek Anthony Wilson, frontman, is poised to not only create a lane for himself and his bandmates (Anthony Pompey - vocals, Aaron Wolf - percussion, and Ben High - bass, and Kordel Anderson - Guitar ) but also blaze a trail for creative risk takers, soulful story tellers, and theatrical musicians who challenge the antiquated defenses of musical gate keepers.

Archpalatine's musical presentations are like an edgy, adult-based Disney soundtrack. Performances by this innovative team develops rapport with all audiences. They encourage audience participation through call & response, sing-alongs, while incorporating danceable rhythms. Shows regularly include one-of-a-kind fashion designs and melodic components that engages both the audible and visual senses, alike.  Not content with mere showmanship and intriguing music that makes you feel elation... Archpalatine aims to leave their audiences so infused with good vibes and positivity that any in attendance is bound to leave a show feeling more jubilation than possessed upon arrival. 

Archpalatine provides a voice and an instrument to the feelings of hope, joy, love, and triumph that is so needed in this current musical climate. Their un-categorizable yet palatable sound serves as a departure from the mundane and discouraging weight and obligation life places before us. Archpalatine has been named among WXPN’s “The Philly 100” list as well as a designated staff pick for ALT 104.5’s & iHeartRadio’s Year End Awards.  

Trends fade, new artists come and go, but Archpalatine is the stuff of legend and longevity, and poised to make each next year their best year. Archpalatine's right now IS what’s next.  With the recent release of their hit internationally celebrated single, "Hypnotized" from their forthcoming 2022 album, I introduce and welcome you to Archpalatine



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