1. Your Heart

From the recording Peter

I am very happy to be sharing "Peter", this album, with you.

There are many factors involved making this collection of songs special to me - Peter was written and recorded in my home, in my spare time, when I wasn't with my band or elsewhere, using Garage Band on my Mac Book and my Roland Juno Di keyboard. I wrote these songs from various special moments in my life with the influence of special people in my heart and times.

Peter represents solid ground. It says I love myself, I love what I stand for, who I am, and where my path has taken me, as well as where it is taking me.

Thank YOU for listening!
Thanks to all my family and friends who helped me embrace my growth and helped me learn my lessons very well. You are beyond beautiful!
And perpetual thanks to the good Lord above, who is our unshakable rock. Thank you for music. Thank you for everything!

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